Sad Times for the World, Not Just Boston.

What is happening to this world?  I remember the days (and I am not that old) when we left our houses unlocked.  Now we must lock houses, phones, cars, bikes, you name it, it probably has a lock.  However, there are no locks on our brains.  What happened in Boston at the Boston Marathon gets into everyone’s heads – all at different levels.

What is saddest, is that the people who did this are probably getting joy, satisfaction and or happiness out of this while so many others suffer.  I hope that the police were ‘right-on’ with the suspects, because if not, another innocent person has been killed.  Boston won’t forget, neither will the world.  Boston is serious about this as you can see by the entire city being shut down – Let’s hope that is a lesson to anyone else that wants to attempt a stupid, vile act like this again. 

Pray for peace and unlocked doors and kids frolicking around without bullet proof vests.  Unfortunately, between this and Newtown, that just may be where our world is headed.  Prayers for all victims of this and Newtown, CT shooting. 

(previously written on 4/19/2013, caught in cyber-world-glitches.)

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