Those Secret Clubs That No-One Talks About

You know that clubs.  The club where you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe but you would never admit it.  The club where you leave the house and forget to brush your teeth and you have a raisin bit from your morning cereal stuck in your tooth.  The club where your skirt is stuck in the back of your panty hose and you exit the lady’s room totally unaware. Lastly, the club where you put on either a shirt or your underwear inside out and don’t realize it until very late in the day.  Real friends would say something.  Others just point and snicker.  Admit it, we’ve all done or belong to one of these clubs.  Welcome to the club.

The new club I started today, “Ladies do have balls.”   I was playing golf and had on cropped pants with no pockets.  Golfers usually carry an extra ball, a ball marker and a tee in a pocket so they don’t have to walk back to the bag or the cart.  Realizing this and with a need to store a spare golf ball, I first put it in my bra.  God only knows what I looked like from a distance, but with the girls checking in at 38 D to begin with, I needed no extra encumbrance when trying to hit that dang little ball.  Therefore, I stuck the spare ball in my pants at my waist, hoping that the undies (not thongs) and the pants would hold it.  I played a hole or two and totally forgot about it until it came rolling down the inner portion of my left thigh, down my left leg and out the bottom of my pants.  THANK Goodness I was playing golf alone!  How does one explain that???  I had a great laugh.  After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you have no sense of humor!

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