One-Arm Snow Bunny

“Rut-row.” I came home one day to find Snow Bunny with one arm and no poles. What’s a Snow Bunny to do? Well, I’ll tell you. They will most likely get in a big-honking SUV with the African/Safari grill package, fog lights and over-sized tires. (The Hummer is in the shop.) You would pack your car with Bogner (no offense, love it) ski gear, and all the latest ski clothing and gear and drive up Rte. 91 from you know where, to Vermont. You may have one or two homes, perhaps one on the mountain. The 2.5 children the Nanny raises go to private schools and have all the latest tech toys.

Once there, you camp out at the $500/night rooms and eat and drink each evening. You might even be with someone that smokes a cigar. On the hill, you come down the hill as if you own it, mostly in a wedge-christie or maybe even a pizza. But hell, you look good in all that gear that could feed a small country.

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