No nips, No tucks but nippleitus.

Whew, just escaped that frostbite bullet.  I was fortunate enough to be able to change my plans to go to Vermont skiing this week.  Not that I don’t want to ski, but who wants frostbitten toes, nose, fingers, cheeks and anything else it wants to nip?  Not me.  Instead we will be traveling to the Green Mountains in the tepid month of March.

Mind you, nippleitus is still possible.  If you don’t know what this is, ask a guy.  Men can suffer from this affliction also, but it predominantly affects women.  On that note, off to have a hot toddy and a warm fire~!

Stay warm my friends and watch our for nippleitus!

Frostbite will be Nipping More Than My Nose

Frostbite will be Nipping More Than My Nose!

When planning for a ski vacation, the one thing out of your control is the weather. I will be skiing the mountains of Vermont this week, probably during the most freakin, unbearable cold weather of this winter!

I can guarantee you, I will be be taking nips to keep the nips off my nose, toes and any other part that Mr. Frostbite wants to take.

Cheerio and a Nip for you too~!