Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!


So, this recession sucks, for me at least.  Some of the big boys and gals are raking in the dough whilst us little chicks are flying under the economy radar.  Way under.  As a result, I have had to cut my own hair now for three years.  I do a really good job of it, NORMALLY.  Yesterday I went to cut my hair, and must have been half-asleep.  I grabbed the black handled thinning shears, and began to grab clumps of hair to thin.  As I peered down into the sink, I noticed large pieces falling into it.  I quickly pulled the scissors from my head and lo and behold, I had grabbed the REGULAR scissors and was just cutting my hair with wild abandonment like a four-year old does with her first encounter with scissors and hair.  YIKES!  My hair was short to begin with, but how would I repair this damage.   I grabbed the correct thinning scissors and began to thin what was left of my hair.  It looks like the spiky punk hairdos so I am okay.  Hey, so what that I am old and have the hairdo of a 22-year-old!  Luckily, hair grows back.