Hello World!

Holley Schmolley!  It’s been six-months since my last post.  Where has the time gone!?  First I went back to the fields, become one of the minions, re-entered the workforce, yes, got a job!  After years of looking and then a few months of desperation and just throwing it all to the wind, I stumbled upon a very nice job.  When I say, “Throwing it all to the wind,” I say this because I recently wrote a letter to a company to whom I owe money.  I currently auto-pay them $1.50 a month.  Not much, enough to keep me honest and out of jail.  I wrote to them and said, “Listen, I’ll make a deal with you, if you hire me, I’ll make sure your one of the first I pay off.”  They didn’t take me up on the offer.  When the politicians rave about the drop in the unemployment numbers, they don’t take into account the thousands upon thousands of baby-boomers who have just given up.  Like that boomer who previously held a job as a CEO position.  WOW, they land a minimum wage paying job and it feels like winning lotto.

On another note and veering 360 degrees, I never thought I would be one to contemplate eating cat food (which I haven’t) but I know realize just how many come so critically close to doing it just to survive.  AAaaah, enough with negative and politics.  Just wanted to touch base and thank the world for the good that has come into my life.  With faith, some good karma and perseverance, it too can happen to all of you who may be struggling.  Mind you, I am not out of the woods, far from it, but the biblical weights have lifted off my shoulders.  Tom, Dick and Harry still call.  I most likely will pass onto the wild blue yonder with debt.  Never planned it that way.  Regarding Tom, Dick and Harry – just today I accidentally deleted all the messages on my answering machine, whilst deleting the robo-callers and the jerks still trying to collect on debt from husband #3.  “Mate, he’s gone down unda and he ain’t comin’ back.”   C’est la vie!

Been doing some art and loving it.  Being the year of a horse and a true horse person, it’s as if all the stars aligned and I am inspired to create art non-stop.  (This is where the job thing gets in the way.)  One does what one can do.  Stay strong, keep putting one foot in front of the other and tell yourself you can.   Nobody else has got your back better that good-old-you.  Giddy up!

Maybe I should take one of the Tom, Dick or Harry calls, I haven’t had a real date in quite some time, too busy living life!