Hunkered-Down Hibernation

You must say the title like a Billy-Bob or a Bubba would.  “Hunn-ker-daown Hy-bear-na-shun.” Repeat, “Hunn-ker-daown Hy-bear-na-shun.”  Yup, that’s what I have been doing for about 36 hours.  If you have been watching the TV, most of the US is sick with the flu.  “Almost an epidemic” according to some stations.  What?  Sick is sick and a cold is a cold.  The reported cases in the hospitals, in my opinion or IMHO are probably from the thousands of people out of work or without healthcare that turn to the emergency rooms for treatment.  I am sick but the last place I would go to is the hospital unless it felt like I was dying, heck you get more germs at most hospitals!  Just me, but I would prefer to hunker-down, crawl under the covers with a good book or a stack of movies and watch TV all day.

It started about 8 days ago for me.  My 3rd go around with a cold.  I never get sick, well I never did like this.  I really don’t think the last cold went away completely.  I also am not around tons of people like I use to be and I feel like I have not built up the immune system I once had, so I am getting sicker.  I know, that sounds like reverse logic, but doctors say that kids that don’t grow up with pets tend to be more prone to allergies, etc.  That’s my logic and I am sticking to it.

I started my hunkering on Friday night.  Box of tissue, bottles of water and a bag and a-half of candy kisses, some cough syrup (for night and day), the couch and TV.   My cat was with me, choosing his various places to sleep in the next 36 hours.  Friday night was the worst and I almost thought I would have to call out for a home delivery of tissue.  My nose was raw when I finally went to bed.

Saturday I slept in until about 2 PM.  I had woken earlier but felt like crap and said the best thing I could do was sleep, so I did.  Finally at 3 I got up and went to the couch to watch movies until I went to be later that night.  Sunday wasn’t much different, but my nose finally stopped creating the gross stuff and I didn’t have the great need for the tissue I once did.

I spent Sunday on the couch with those darn kisses.  It eventually became a game.  I would eat a candy kiss and then the metal wrapper would be balled up and tossed out onto the rug for the cat to play with.

I can now report approximately 26 metal shaped balls scattered around the floor and house, a bloated belly but a much better cold.  So if you get sick, hunker down, get a cat and some kisses to pass the time.